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Parent Coaching

In addition to working individually with children, adolescents, and adults, the clinicians at Reflections Mental Health Group consult with parents on issues relating to their children.  Clinicians will work with parents to achieve a comprehensive understanding of their concerns and goals and will help them develop a better understanding of the issues their child is encountering. They will provide recommendations and strategies and will work with families to help implement the strategies. 


The clinicians at Reflections Mental Health Group offer therapy to children, teens, and adults.

The goal of therapy is to allow each individual to increase awareness of the thoughts and feelings that are driving behaviour and to work on strategies for replacing maladaptive patterns with adaptive ones.  The clinicians at Reflections MHG Centre employ empirically supportive interventions to achieve this goal (e.g., Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, DBT, Emotion Focused Therapy, ACT) and together with the individual will choose the intervention that is best suited.

Clinicians work collaboratively with each client to set goals and to develop a treatment plan. Therapy sessions are typically one-on-one, but when working with children, parents will sometimes join the session at the beginning to provide an update and at the end to learn about what they can do at home to support the goals of that session.

Therapy sessions will differ for each person depending on the current concerns of the individual, their goals, and their progress on working on those goals. Some individuals see progress quickly in therapy, while for others progress is slower. This can depend on what the presenting problems are, the frequency of sessions, the goals, and the amount of work done in between sessions.

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Psychoeducational Assessment:

We provide comprehensive assessments to determine why a child may be struggling in school, provide a diagnosis if appropriate, for example, ADHD or Learning Disability, and provide recommendations for home and school.

Autism Assessment: 

We conduct comprehensive assessments to determine if an individual meets the criteria for a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Mental Health Assessment:

We provide assessments for a variety of mental health concerns.


Group & Workshops

We are looking forward to running groups and workshops in the near future. Keep checking our page for updates! 

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