Niomi Anna Cherney


Clinical Social Worker

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In our daily lives, we can run up against challenges that hold us back from living our lives to the fullest. These barriers and challenges have profound impacts on our mental health and wellbeing.

I believe that truly seeing someone’s identity in its complex layers can help me advocate for them. More importantly though, this lens can equip clients themselves — youth, parents and adults — to be advocates in their own lives. When working with children and young adults, I aim to understand the perspectives of child and parent together and seek to collaboratively develop treatment goals which include and centre the youth’s goals and needs. I believe that every behaviour shows us a need within that child or adult. I bring curiousity and a lack of judgement to the process of finding out just what need is being expressed!

Ultimately, our relationship should be one of deep trust. I bring warmth and compassion to my work and believe that it is a privilege to walk a client’s journey with them. The complexities of your lived experiences are the fabric of the work we do together in order to find meaning and purpose in our lives. I am here to continue holding the pieces as we weave them together.

I am a Clinical Social Worker (MSW, RSW) with more than five years experience working with complex trauma in children, youth, families and adults. I have significant experience centred around the fields of gender-based violence and Ontario’s youth justice systems and centre anti-oppressive practice in my work. In addition to anxiety, depression and neurodivergence in children, adolescents and adults, other areas of speciality include chronic illness, loss and grief support for youth, children and families.

We can show up and lift one another. Our hearts are big enough. I promise. Our hearts can withstand the love we feel for each other.” (Aja Monet)