Alyssa Pennington

Ph.D. Candidate, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Client Focus

Individual therapy for:

Types of Therapy


Many children struggle with mental health challenges and do not know how to address them. They frequently experience a wide range of emotions and may find it difficult to talk about or express them appropriately. I provide children with a warm and welcoming safe space to discuss their challenges and work through their emotions. Viewing each child holistically, I take a client-centered approach that considers their unique situation. I utilize various therapeutic modalities tailored to each child’s needs and preferences. I work together with clients to create a treatment plan that will support them in taking steps towards the life that they desire. I strive to foster a collaborative environment that provides children with the support and resources that they need to live a fulfilling life.

I am a Psychology Intern and a Western University graduate with a Master’s degree in School and Applied Child Psychology. For the past three years, I have been completing my Ph.D. at Western University, researching the impacts of mindfulness programming on family well-being. Throughout this time, I have worked at a community mental health clinic, supporting children with mental health and learning challenges. Additionally, I have provided psychological assessments for youth facing various challenges in both school and private practice settings. In my free time, you will often find me outdoors. I love exploring new hiking trails with my dog, spending time by a beach or a pool, and watching sunsets.